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Staying Pawsitive during this time of social distancing can be ruff

We know there are only so many puzzles you can build, Netflix shows you can binge, Tik Tok dances you can learn or hours you can walk your dog.

At this point, you realize that having a conversation with your cat is starting to wear on your ego because you know they aren't listening. They're licking their paws, looking at you occationally as if to agree. Still, you know they aren't bothered by being stuck at home during this quarantine as much as they are by you continually waving that feather toy in front of them because you have nothing to do.

So, to help you kill some time, we put together a gallery of some recent blanket designs and portraits we have done — just a little distraction. We'll call it the Paw-Peek of the Week.

Enjoy and stay safe, sane, and healthy.

Your Friends at PawCreate™

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