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5 Must-Have Christmas Gifts for Dog Moms

If you talk to any dog mom, they'll probably include their furry friend in the conversation. It's no surprise that pet parents love to spoil their favorite dog during the holiday season with the perfect gift! It's never been a better time for last minute Christmas shopping before it's too late. Here's some perfect gift ideas for the Dog Moms out there who can't let a day go by without snuggling up next to their best friend.

1. Get a personalized pet portrait to turn your house into a home and celebrate your pup

your own pet portraits real testimony testimonial pictures

Capture the spirit of your favorite puppy with a portrait that will last a lifetime. It's the perfect gift for yourself, or the other dog lover's out there. Just upload a picture onto their site and they'll turn around a hand drawn portrait that's just as special as your dog is!

Prices start at $64.99 with free shipping if you're in the US.

Check them out at

2. Let your dog play at his own pace with the Ready Set Fetch

Nothing beats a clear, sunny day outside playing with your dog and hanging with friends. Now you don't have to pick between the two. Put a tennis ball in the top and it will launch out for your pup. Then they can put it back on the top and play all over again!

You can get it on Amazon for $82.46

3. Put your dog's eating schedule on auto pilot with this Automatic Pet Feeder

Fill the hopper, press a button, and forget about it! You can program the exact amount of food you want for your pet and how often so your dog can stay lean and healthy for all of those winter time snuggles.

Get your own Aspen Pet Feeder for $49.95 here

4. For the ultimate lazyboy, treat your pup with the best dog bed you can find!

furhaven dog bed

You're not the only one who wants to bundle up when you're sleeping in on a Sunday. The best dog moms want to treat their pet the way they'd want to, and you can give them that with the softest plush dog bed out there.

You can learn more about the Furhaven Dog Bed here for $65.99

5. Be the ultimate pet when you're away from home with a Furbo

Throw treats, and keep an eye on your pup! This is the all in one solution for the dog mom that's away from home but still wants to stay close to her pups. You can get a video stream of your dog straight from your home and get live updates on what they're up to.

Get $75 off now at

Getting a personalized gift this Christmas

Nothing feels better than getting a gift that was picked with you in mind. When you can bring the warmth and love of your pets into it, it's enough to keep any dog mom beaming for the whole holiday break. That's why we want to create the most special gift that you can't get anywhere else with our own pet portraits.

There is no better feeling than watching someone open up your gift on Christmas and watch their face transform to a genuine smile with a gift you know they'll treasure for years and years. We want to share that feeling and the way our own dogs make us feel each and every day.

Get yours for this holiday season and celebrate the best friends in our lives, for both dogs and dog moms.



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