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TIPS: Photographing Black Animals


If you have a pet that is black, then you know capturing them as you see them in all of their beauty can be a challenge. While light-colored animals show up in most photographs, pets with darker skin or fur require a bit more care to photograph properly. Choosing the right environment, paying attention to lighting, and utilizing simple camera techniques will help you capture the perfect photo to send us to achieve the best result for your PawCreate™ pet portrait.


Quick Inside Tips: 

  • Next to a window during the day or beside a bright lamp are good ways to light your black cat or dog. 
  • Avoid having a bright light behind your pet. This will create more of a silhouette, and your pet's features will be too dark and indistinguishable. 
  • Lighting from an angle is always best. Direct light from the back or front can wash out your pet's features.


Quick Outside Tips: 

  • Outside light is fantastic, but for black pets, it is best to photograph them in the shade or outside on a cloudy or overcast day. 
  • Also, try taking your photo a few hours after sunrise or a few hours before sunset. This way, the sun is not directly above, in front of, or behind your pet.


Additional Helpful Tips:

  • Shoot against a plain or uncluttered background. 
  • Try to avoid white or very light-colored backgrounds that are the opposite of your pet's color. Your camera may auto-adjust to compensate, which will darken and wash out your pet's features.
  • Strong, direct light can sometimes wash out your black furry subject, so diffused lighting is best.


Take tighter shots

A readily available solution to this is to take tighter, more close up shots of your black pet. Try to fill up the frame more with your pet than with the background. Show fine details on the face like the beautiful furry coat and whiskers. Capture the shape of the ears, give the eyes a real good and sharp focus. Let them become the focal point of the photo.