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How It Works: Custom Pet Portraits

* The following steps work for all Custom Pet Portrait Products

Upload Your Photo

Choose a clear photo that captures your pet's spirit and personality. Then use the upload button when you order to submit it when you are ordering.

If you are featuring  more than one pet in the same portrait  you don't need to have them all in the same photo. If you don't have a good photo of your pets together that isn't a problem. You can upload multiple images with your order.

It is better to send individual photos of each pet that are clear rather than a single image that isn't of good quality.

Click here to check out our tips for capturing the best picture of your pets for a portrait.

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We Create

We'll create a beautiful custom  portrait of your pet.

Approve your Artwork image.

You See & Approve 

Your artwork is sent via email for your approval before it's shipped.

Hang Your Portrait

It arrives at your door ready to hang. In the living room, the bedroom,  anywhere!