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Photo Guidelines


• The picture should be evenly lit so that you can see details in the eyes, nose, fur, or other skin and special markings unique to your pet.

• Try to take the photo at eye level with your pet, or from above but keep a focus on their face.

• Think about how you want it to look when made into a portrait. It can be fun or serious, but make sure it shows your pet in the way you want to see it in the final portrait.

• Photos should have the detail of your pet's face and features.


• Avoid photos that have areas that are so dark or over exposed that details are eliminated.

• Make sure your you pet is in focus within the image.

• Make sure your pets ears are in the image and not cut off.

Still not sure about your photo?
Click here to check out our Full Image Guidelines, Examples, and Tips. or you can Email your images to us, and we can help you determine which images will work best.